two girls at work are pregnant. Ben’s sister is due in April. and today I went to a baby shower for my cousin Vanessa (also due in April). I’m getting pretty dehydrated over here because I refuse to drink the water

Everything was decorated so cute! but you couldn’t say the word “cute” because it was one of the party games!!
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Η τρέχουσα ιδέα παραμένει υγιής κατά τη διάρκεια της επιδημίας Covid19
Τρέχουσα ιδέα να παραμείνετε υγιείς κατά τη διάρκεια της επιδημίας του κορώνα. Can you run and walk outside during the stay at home order? Here’s a tip to help you avoid touching your face …

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Most of the decorations were made by hand – even the sign for her name, Autumn

I am on a big deviled egg kick and had two of these.

I had zero Smores Pops because I don’t like marshmallow. I mean, because it’s Lent.

I didn’t end up finishing my whole Foods salad earlier (more because of rushing not because I wasn’t hungry!) and just added a few toppings and finished it off at the party.

We sat outside and took pleasure in the stunning weather. It was 80 degrees today. God Bless CA.

While we played games my mommy opened the favors and I ended grabbing a few mindlessly. I made her eat the rest of them as punishment.

The cake was cute adorable!

I did have a small taste, but grabbed a protein bar instead. one of those fancy NuGo numbers – so good.

Vanessa awarding the “draw a baby on your head” winner! Δεν ήμουν εγώ.

Ness and I grew up pretty close, spending the summers in my grandma’s pool for weeks on end. but now we live so far from each other we rarely hang out

Aaand 20 years later…

BFE, but the mountains are so close and the air feels so clean!

Since I was in the neighborhood of my mom’s I made plans to have dinner with Susan. She’s one of my best friends, but we don’t hang out nearly enough. Susan took me to little Tokyo in L.A. for sushi.

We were incredibly hungry and bought one of everything. Okay, not really but close to it.

One of their specials was Pumpkin Tempura. Ναι παρακαλώ! This was good.

The sushi was just fine though. Susan and I both thought it was a little squishy.

She also brought a container of vitamins from her holistic Mexican day spa doc. Don’t ask.

We really had no idea how to eat the grilled rice cake and were laughed at. Luckily, I get laughed at a lot so it ain’t no thing.

After dinner we met up with our friend Davita (remember from the bachelorette party?) for drinks.

I didn’t get a photo of her, so here is a refresher… (read: good friend to party with).

I had a vodka tonic. The girls got Buddha beers…

And I made a new friend with a hand ‘stache…

Thanks for dinner pageant queen pose Susan. yoga next week?

Okay this post was long enough. I’ll catch you up on this mornings happenings in a few…

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