One time a guy really told me, “Do you want to find over for some pizza as well as some sex?”

I said, “What?” (thinking I must have heard him wrong)
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He said, “What, you don’t like pizza?”

And who doesn’t like pizza?

So, I went over. Ha. απλά αστειεύομαι!!! I am a funny blog writer ?

Pizza was on the menu for dinner tonight since Ben has been asking for pizza (and particularly NOT pita pizzas) since Wednesday. I am a pizza enthusiast all the method so I complied of course. We both get out own since I am a piglet like to request light cheese as well as all veggies as well as he likes pepperoni. We tried Pizza Boli’s. I discovered an Web special that was 2 medium 1 topping pizzas for $14.99 (of program I added more toppings).

I had 3 pieces as well as now I am stuffed!

I started the work day with a DD iced coffee per my Friday tradition

and today was my good friend Zach’s last day at work so I bought him a pumpkin muffin as well as he provided me a piece. I am extremely unfortunate he’s leaving ? The DD pumpkin muffin was just okay. Not extremely pumpkin-y, more ginger-y than anything. If you’re a pumpkin lover, save your calories for something that does the squash more justice.

Lunch was not extremely exciting, salad as well as toast…I was trying to get the veggies in before my pizza dinner ? Ενοχος όπως κατηγορήθηκε.

and there were some snacks later for great determine ? however who cares about them with all the treats below…

But, highlight #2 of the day was a See’s candy Pumpkin flavor Lolly from Tay. She sent me a lot after I unfortunately complained that there are no See’s in MD as well as I couldn’t get my hands on one. Tay rocks, much love. Oh, as well as the lollipop is YUM.

And I may or may not have bought there Reese’s DARK PB cups for “Ben” to ensure that I might taste one. It was either this or buy a bag of the mini ones. I have come recognize it’s finest not to keep junk food in the house, that’s the only method I understand I will prevent it. So this is much better than a whole bag.

I am pushing my long run back to Sunday so it counts for the stack on the Miles difficulty ? See you guys on Halloween!

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This physician is opting to bow out of her upcoming marathon in the wake of all the recent deaths of marathon as well as half marathon runners.

If you’re going to run a marathon or half marathon, which I am, make sure you are properly trained. as well as believe in God. great Luck!

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