I made Cinnamon Rolls from scratch to give out as Christmas gifts a few years back. They were amazing and from the Pioneer Woman’s famous recipe. [ read it here: the time I made cinnamon rolls from scratch ]

It took a very long time to make them and even longer to clean up (imagine flour everywhere because I’m like stitch in the kitchen). but I still recommend making them at least once. (And feel free to invite me over as an official taste tester!)
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Learning from a bad Run
Bad runs happen – here’s how I moved past it and learned from my next run. tip to help you become a better runner by being a neutral observer of your workouts.

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I’m sharing because you seemed to enjoy when I posted last week’s Food holidays and this week features cinnamon rolls!

PLUS I like to bake something special for the people in my life that don’t need / want gifts and I’m not sure what I’m making this year.
Οποιεσδήποτε προτάσεις?

I usually don’t plan out this far in advance but I know you shouldn’t make a new-to-you recipe for the first time to serve to others. This is definitely a situation where I’d want to do a few test runs to make sure it’s good and keeps for a few days (so I have some time to deliver it to my people and in case they don’t eat it right away).

My family also makes tamales for Christmas. That makes me think… should I consider something savory? Ben’s grandmother used to sent an epic container of homemade Chex mix because his dad loved it. I made it once for his fam when she couldn’t make it any more and they really loved it.

Should I consider something savory?? Hmmm…

Food holidays for This Week

Mon – hot Cider Day
Tue – Homemade Cookie Day
Wed – national Kale Day
Thur – national Soft Taco Day
Fri – national Cinnamon Roll Day
Sat – national Apple Betty Day
Sun – national Noodle Day

Wait – what is an apple betty? Is it an apple pie kinda??

I had to look it up. apparently it’s more commonly called ‘Apple brown Betty’ which is similar to an apple crisp. and it can be made with other fruit (as in Strawberry Betty).

Question: What should I bake as edible gifts this year? οποιεσδήποτε προτάσεις?

If you have an amazing recipe of your own or one to recommend…
Please paste the link here or email RunEatRepeat@gmail.com and I’ll share it in an upcoming post.

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