I was truly craving Mexican food for lunch today – which is rare. So, I ended up putting beans as well as salsa wrap for lunch as well as it was perfect!

On the side I had a few chips, salsa as well as carrots.
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Jessica Simpson memoir – open book review
Review of Jessica Simpson’s new book – open Book. The singer as well as entrepreneur spills tricks as well as behind the scenes surprises all in her memoir.

Review of the Audible book – Jessica Simpson reads it herself! plus there are benefit tunes when you get the audio version!

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What I eat In A Day – runner edition


Before lunch I likewise had an apple as well as some grapes, however my video camera died, so no pic. I likewise delighted in an iced coffee. I am lastly starting to look ahead to coffee everyday. Why am I so strange as well as trying to make myself addicted to coffee?

Then, Ben as well as I went to the store as well as were shocked at the significant piles of snow in the auto parking lot! I still cannot believe that we handled to relocation to MD for the most significant snow storm because the 1800s. Lucky, I guess! (Note the heavy sarcasm there .)

In addition to the typical Costco samples, I grabbed a Babybel Cheese for the road.

Then, we hit up borders since there are some extremely fascinating books Ben wanted. We are not exchanging V day provides (we typically don’t exchange provides for Christmas/b-days/etc, however instead save as much as go places/do things). But, I told Ben this was his V day present from me because these books were expensive!!!

Since today is our “Cheat Day” I made pizza for dinner,  it’s not as cheat-y as ordering pizza, however it was still dee-lish! I topped my half with a bit cheese as well as olives as well as goat cheese on one piece as an experiment. I keep trying goat cheese as well as wishing to like it, however I don’t believe it’s my thing. With roasted brussel sprouts on the side since I like them.

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You men like this stuff as well as so do I ?

Question: Do you phone call blueberries “blubes” in recommendation to pubes?  I like your pervy humor… seriously! or not if that’s not what you mean…

Monica: Ha! No, really I phone call them “blubes” for “boobs”. Example, when I pull them out of the fridge to eat I shout, “Show me your blubes!!!”

Question: I dunno if anybody has asked this yet however are you planning on having infants anytime soon?

Monica: No. Ben as well as I only got married a few months back as well as want to delight in each other for a while before that. We have a game plan as well as plan on making infants in two or three years. For now we are focused on our careers, traveling as well as sleeping with the night.

But… Ben is really prepared today! (I don’t believe he realizes exactly how much it would modification things.) For now though, I want to delight in my flexibility for a bit as well as grow together with my other half before we add anybody else to the mix.

Question: What brought you to Maryland?  How long do you plan to stay?  Any concept where you want to go next?

Monica: I’ve been asked this so numerous times (I assumption since I grumble so much about it?) as well as right here is my exact same response = Ben as well as I transferred to Maryland from California for a task chance I got. It ended up not being whatsoever what I expected as well as subsequently fell apart.

We plan to stay as long as required for us to fullfill our lease and/or get new tasks elsewhere. My household is in CA as well as his household is in FL, so we are planning to relocation to one of those states. I’m thrilled just believing about it!

Question: Does Ben’s employer checked out your blog?  You’re always speaking about moving, I would believe it would make his employer nervous.  Or, possibly he or you already have one more task lined up elsewhere?

Monica: I hope not! Ben has purposefully not told anybody at work about my blog, however mainly since I can be unsuitable (see the very first concern about boobs). He is much more careful about these things than I am.

Neither one of us have tasks lined up yet – however if anybody is hiring writers/communications expert or soon to be licensed personal fitness instructors (for me)  OR mechanical engineers (for Ben) in CA or FL – please let me understand ?

Now I am going to make some banana soft serve as well as unwind ?

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