Hey, how’d your Monday go?

Some days I am rushing to make dinner before an evening shift at work, but today I had all the time in the world so I roasted! any individual else think roasting takes a long time? I need to plan days in development if I’m going to roast something for a meal. if not I will put it in the oven and go eat something else while I’m waiting, then eat whatever was cooking. Αληθής.
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Learning from a bad Run
Bad runs happen – here’s how I moved past it and learned from my next run. idea to help you become a better runner by being a neutral observer of your workouts.

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Marathon training Day 6


Sarah from Blue Eyed Barbie nominated me for the “Tell Me about yourself Award” I know, the name is so creative it blows my mind. Anyways, I am meant to tell you 7 things about myself. This is going to be hard considering that I’m already an over-sharer. lucky for you I’ll keep it clean (this time).

1. I am not very nostalgic about race stuff. Some people hold on to their race bibs. I washed and dried mine on accident and laughed about it. (I’m also not very smart.)

2. Ben refers to me as a Honey Badger on a weekly basis. I take this as a compliment.

3. I’ve had the same best friend considering that 1st grade. We have nothing in common, but she gets me vodka.

4. I have a minor in Political science and take pleasure in keeping up on politics. I also wish I could share my political beliefs here, but think too lots of people hear your view on one issue and judge.

All I know is I’m pro-cake…

5. I live to eat, not eat to live. Αγαπώ το φαγητό. Μου αρέσει να τρώω. I used to hum to myself and dance when I got fed as a baby. often I still do actually…

6. I love having inside jokes with my friends. It’s probably because I’m dedicated to fitness. Or maybe it’s because I’m not Paris Hilton and this isn’t Las Vegas… never-mind.

7. One time I ate a whole pumpkin pie in 24 hours. That might be this 24 hours we’re currently living…

Now I’m meant to pass this on to other bloggers – I’m inviting any individual who wants to play – Share 7 things about yourself (here or on your site)!

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