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Running for physical fitness calendar September 2020

Since we still don’t truly understand when races, running clubs as well as all that fun are going to be back to typical (or some version of normal) – it seems like a great deal of runners on Instagram feel lost as well as not sure about exactly how to set running goals, what plan to follow, exactly how to train, etc. 

I have a difficulty coming as much as assist keeping that – as well as up until that’s out we must focus on running for fitness, health and wellness as well as happiness. 

Running for physical fitness can still lead you to a goal. It just indicates if you’re not training for a race ideal now or are not sure what your next goal must be… you can still keep running. 

And you can likewise utilize this time around to set a running goal that’s not race specific. 

Running is one of the very best methods to exercise without a gym. however if you’re not complying with a plan ideal now it may be appealing to avoid running for days, weeks, months.

We’re going to keep running! as well as we can even get quicker this month!

This plan is a balance of running as well as stamina training – a lot of race training plans are 95% running cardio as well as extremely bit stamina or conditioning. 

If you’re not training for a race ideal now – utilize this time around to sharpen your sword. aka – work on the parts of your physical fitness as well as your body that may requirement some attention, however normally get ignored when all your workout time is dedicated to RUNNING ALL THE MILES!

GET quicker this month by accepting the Sept speed Challenge. 

September speed Challenge: 

Run quicker this month on a set path you like running – however focus on speeding it up.

How to do the speed Challenge:

   1.Pick a path you can run 3x this month (4th, 18th, 30th).

It must be a fairly short run for your present fitness. A run you can total ideal now, however would like to run faster. as well as a path you’ll be able to run on the dates above. 

  >>> Run this path 3 times this month. goal to get quicker on the 2nd as well as 3rd runs.

The very first time will be to see your starting time on this route. Then, try to get quicker on the 2nd as well as 3rd attempt. Note your surface time as well as any type of details on the calendar or in your running log. put in as much information as possible that will assist you discover as well as improve. 

Examples of running log notes: date / Time / path / distance / surface Time / effort level / Body notes / What you used / challenges / Mindset / general / etc. 

   2. warm Up thoroughly before doing these runs. Do a head to toe warm up as well as check-in with your body before you start. 

Time yourself with your running watch, a running tracker app, a stop watch, stop enjoy on your phone or a sundial. 

Then, note it in the log with any type of notes. look over it the next day to discover what works for you as well as what you requirement to work on to do much better next time. 

    3. get faster! look over your running log as well as see what modifications you can make to run it quicker next time.

On the weeks that you don’t have a time trial – integrate strides at the end of your run. This, together with the stamina work as well as a great deal of rest can assist you get faster. 

September 2020 RUNNING workout calendar complimentary Printable

***Get the September Running workout calendar as well as Running Log here!***

This Running physical fitness calendar Features: 

3 Runs a Week

2 stamina training Days

Time trial difficulty to get FASTER!

1 ‘You Choose’ Day 

1 rest Day

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September calendar Notes:

There are 3 Runs Per Week as well as 2 stamina training Days. You choose what to do on Saturdays – it can be one more run, hike, bike, swim or other activity.

Sunday is a rest Day. Take an extra rest days as needed. listen to your body as well as don’t add or modification anything if you’re feeling fatigued, sore or injured.

Note: Run training plans are written to balance pushing your endurance as well as physical fitness to enhance without triggering injury. adding in something additional (like speed work) puts extra wear as well as tear on your body. DO NOT add in speed work, stamina training or anything else if your body is sending any type of signals of prospective injury or stress.

Running Days Tips: 

If your goal is fitness, health and wellness or weight loss goal for  >>>  30 minutes of running or Run/Walk – Monday / Wednesday / Friday. 

If you’re extremely in shape as wellas an experienced runner – you select your mileage or time to run based on your present physical fitness level. 

New Runner or Returning Runner

If you’re a new runner, coming back after time off or requirement some versatility in your plan because of other aspects – utilize the Run / walk Strategy. begin off with shorter amounts of time to develop up your endurance. listen to your body as well as take breaks or push yourself based on what your body is feeling.

Note exactly how long you run as well as exactly how long you walk (usually in minutes) as well as exactly how it feels. utilize the blank areas on the calendar to track your progress. This will provide you additional insight on when you can run for longer intervals if you want to develop that up.

RUNNING TIP: A RUNNING LOG CAN provide YOU SO much info TO assist YOU RUN FASTER, LONGER, much better as well as HEALTHIER. utilize IT!

Your training Journal is one of the very best running books you can read. It’s a ton of info on the most crucial runner in your life – YOU.

And you can utilize training logs or journals to see what type of workouts assist you get quicker or run longer… exactly how much mileage your body can take without injury… your physical fitness level at different times in the past as well as exactly how those compare with your race times… as well as more.

This will assist you see your progress, observe your body’s signals (good or bad) as well as track your mileage as well as speed so you have a lot more info to choose if you’re prepared to run a lot more or run faster.

 Runner Resources:

Check out these links for a lot more information as well as running ideas pointed out in this post.

— exactly how to do the Run / walk Strategy

— exactly how to Run Strides

— 5 minute Running warm Up

— 5 lower Body exercises for Runners

— the very best method to bring Water on a Run

— 3 Hacks to get Water on a Run 


ALWAYS inspect with your physician before trying any type of new diet plan or exercise routine.

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